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By: James Gaines, Attorney / White Oak, Texas / Updated: June 16th, 2024

Before you pay and take a conviction on that White Oak ticket, contact us first. We maintain over a 97% dismissal rate of traffic tickets in White Oak and in all of Gregg County. It is essential that you keep your driving record clear, particularly with recent changes in Texas law.

We handle your White Oak court dates, so that you won't need to appear.

After we take care of your court dates, we will work to keep your record clear. If for some reason the ticket can't be dismissed, we work to amend the ticket to a non-moving violation, or any option to keep your record clear. If White Oak Municipal issued a warrant because you missed a court date, please reach out to us immediately. We can get the warrant lifted within 1-2 business days.

How The Gaines Law Firm works


Upload Your Ticket

Just upload your traffic ticket, and we will review it to let you know if we can help. Don't have your ticket? Just let us know the court and we can take it from there.


Court Dates: Handled

Once hired, we handle all of your court dates, and keep you posted through the process. We put forth the best possible case to the prosecutor to get the best outcome possible: usually a dismissal.


Ticket Dismissal

We get a dismissal in 97% of cases. At the end of the case, you will receive a signed order from the court.

All Types of Tickets:

Speeding & Moving Violations

If you were allegedly speeding through Gregg County, you may have a ticket that could raise your insurance rates. Depending on the charge(s) involved, it may also restrict your license. Reckless driving falls in the same category.

Failure to Appear & DPS Holds

If you missed a court date in White Oak Municipal, you may have a warrant, as well as a hold on your license with DPS. Once hired, we will have your warrant lifted immediately. We will then work to get your case dismissed from your record completely.

No Insurance

If you receive a ticket for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, you may also incur DPS 'Omni' fees. We can make sure that doesn't happen in the first place.'


Texas law isn't kind to CDL holders, and the rules are just as strict in White Oak. We will fight to keep your CDL clear, as we know your career is at stake.

Suspended License

If you were driving with an invalid or suspended license, your suspension could be extended. We can ensure your record is cleared, so that you can renew your license.


The 2023 Great Texas Warrant Round-Up is right around the corner. If you missed a court date in Gregg County, you may have a warrant, and we will get it lifted immediately.

Legal Fees Done Right


Includes all violations on the ticket.

Court Dates: Handled
We handle your court dates so you will have peace of mind.
Dismissed: Clear Record
Protect your license and insurance. Multiple tickets? Just let us know.
*CDL Holders Represented
If you hold a CDL, submit your ticket for pricing.

Fee Breakdown:

One flat fee covers your case from beginning to end.

There are no hidden fees, or ongoing hourly fee arrangments.

Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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